Creating a New Path

Filling the performance and communication gaps

  • Categories: Web, Big Data
  • Technologies: AngularJS, NodeJS, Big data management
  • Client: Kronos


Kronos Workforce Central is a commercial Web application focused on timekeeping, scheduling, attendance, and other human resources and time management needs. It uses real-time information to allow managers to track work status, cost, time and more in order to ensure compliance with pay rules and other regulations. We evaluated the software applications that comprise Kronos’ Workforce Suite, looking specifically at its technology standards, team communication and its development cycle. We also evaluated the performance of several other applications i.e. Workforce Timekeeper, Workforce Scheduler, Workforce Absence Manager, Workforce HR, and Workforce HR in order to examine the technology being used and ensure that proper front end development standards are being used.

Problem to solve

As Kronos was slowly migrating from their legacy application, which was built in Adobe Flex, to a new browser based platform; they were confronted with some performance issues in the implementation. Iotopia Solutions was brought in to help evaluate the current state and provide recommendations to help with current performance issues and help set the proper infrastructure to combat future issues.

How we did it

Our goal for this project was to evaluate their current state and recommend solutions. Our team performed the following:

  1. Evaluated the multiple teams that make up the individual applications of the Workforce Suite. The areas that were evaluated were:
    1. Technology standards
    2. Team communication
    3. Software development cycle
  2. Evaluated performance issues within different applications
    1. Technology used and best standards
    2. Ensuring that proper front end development standards are implemented

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