Harvard Business Review: The Big Idea

Developing in an Experimental Endeavor

  • Categories: Web
  • Technologies: Custom JS framework, Sass CSS, JQuery, HTML, BrowserStack, WordPress
  • Client: Harvard Business Review


Harvard Business Review (HBR) started as a well-known print source for business and management experts. Their effort to make the articles, case studies, and resources available online broadened the accessibility and audience to these publications. More recently Harvard Business Review decided to decrease the number of magazines issued a year from ten to six. To boost enthusiasm and involvement, HBR sought to provide subscribers with a new and more engaging experience to complement each print in an online series called 'The Big Idea'.

Problem to solve

“The Big Idea” was a new addition to HBR’s website. Equipped with a plan, a design, and a new approach for its implementation, the feature required close cross-functional team coordination especially to meet a tight deadline. The challenge was to develop a template that was mobile-first, reusable, and flexible as it would be the first of a series of six engagements experimenting with a new way for subscribers to consume.

How we did it

Iotopia Solutions involvement helped HBR meet its goal for the first release of “The Big Idea” series. Testing occurred frequently during development and involved using real devices, BrowserStack, as well as different browsers to ensure compatibility. The development process also entailed tailoring design choices that were responsive and would lend to flexibility for showcasing components in different states.

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