Bosch CCU

Connected RV demonstration

  • Categories: Connected Devices
  • Technologies: CAN, MQTT, Python, embedded Linux, Raspberry Pi
  • Client: Bosch


Americans love to go camping, and RVs make it fun and convenient. As a nation, we enjoy more than 2 million RV excursions in our homes-away-from-home every year. But as IoT has allowed homes to become smarter and more convenient, can RVs keep up? Bosch thought so, and they planned to prove it at the upcoming RVIA 2016 trade showin two weeks.

Problem to solve

From a high level, there were two problems to solve: RVs don't 'speak cloud' and they are rarely connected to the internet.

How we did it

Iotopia Solutions quickly procured the ideal hardware platform for ultra-rapid development, connected on-board cellular modems, and customized the OS. We successfully followed up with working connectivity software and installation scripts in time for Bosch to have an impressive demonstration booth at RVIA 2016!

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