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We understand that technology is evolving at a fast pace and keeping up-to-date can be a daunting task. Our goal is to help you take a step back and evaluate what can be a solid technology versus what could be a fad. Our success is the direct reflection of your success and our work together.

Our expertise lie in product development covering software and hardware aspects of each project. We also help resources achieve a level of mastery of product knowledge that will further streamline development. This mastery can be achieved through our training services.

Iotopia Solutions

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To ensure that we provide the necessary technology and that we don't overstay our welcome (completing the project in a timely manner), we provide a service in which we take a discovery period to evaluate the current technology stack, the shortcomings, and the future needs. The end result is a report that will outline the concerns and provide a detailed roadmap for the future.


Navigating the ever changing technology landscape can be daunting. Our goal is to wade through the fad and the latest shiny toy and ensure that our partners select the proper toolset that will fit their needs for the immediate and near future. Building modularly designed components (Atomic Design) is where we start and continue this principle through the end of project. Set up an appointment to see how we can help you.


Developing a full IoT or Embedded Linux system can be daunting. Let us help you navigate the process of platform selection, customization and production to bring products to market faster than you ever thought possible. We have experience developing everything from price-sensitive consumer products using COTS hardware up to custom high-performance medical systems encompassing all manner of wired and wireless communication. We will work with you to augment your development capabilities working with your existing partners or introducing you to ours.

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About Us

Although Iotopia Solutions’ inception date is February 5th 2016, our journey started some time before this date. Iotopia Solutions’ founding members, Kianosh Pourian, Martin Bures, and Eric Brown, came together after years of working in the technology field as individuals and members of different organizations.

Iotopia Solutions came about from the merging of two different companies, Cielo Concepts Inc and ThoughtSynth. Cielo Concepts was a small boutique consulting firm specializing in software design and development. Its Founder, Kianosh Pourian, specialized in front end development and architecture.

ThoughtSynth, a two person consulting firm headed by Martin Bures and Eric Brown, specialized in hardware and embedded systems design and development along with creating supporting software and firmware components for the physical products. Our merger has allowed us to hone in our specialties and provide our clients with a unique skillset that can best be described as “true full stack” development.

Our philosophy has been to surround ourselves with passionate people. Passion for the open web and building high quality products. With this passion, we extend our services to our clients, helping them put their best face and products forward.

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